SMALL businesses are being offered an exclusive opportunity to access online services usually afforded by large corporations.

Halton Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise is inviting small and medium enterprise e-shops unique support.

Chief executive Paula Cain said: “The ‘e-compass’ project’s key benefits are based on helping innovative owners of small e-shops improve their security and increase sales revenues.

“By offering useful online services which can be electronically integrated into their own e-Shop and used online, we can really help SME businesses across the region gain a competitive advantage. The project is also exclusive to Halton Chamber in the UK, a fact we’re very proud of.

“Looking at the Halton and Merseyside region, there are very strong opportunities for SMEs to gain a considerable share of the market currently dominated by a few large players via their involvement with e-Compass.”

To develop these online services, Halton Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise with their project partners in Greece, Germany and Spain, are asking e-shop owners to complete a short on-line questionnaire

Closing date for submissions is Friday, May 23, 2014.