A RUNCORN dad is helping stagestruck children and adults to discover their hidden talents.

Dad-of-four Rob Littler, aged 53, launched a music group seven years ago to nurture people’s singing, dancing and performing skills.

Victoria Music Limited has now become a charity and aims to run more workshops and shows and secure funding to hire theatre professionals.

World delivery man Rob, from Norman Road, said: “What drives me is having grown up with two disabled parents who both died young. I always had a love of art but had to do everything off my own bat. I would have loved the opportunities that are around these days.”

His group has raised almost £15,000 for charities including Halton Haven and the Mark Gorry Foundation from staging concerts and musicals.

Hundreds of children joined Grease, Disney and Joseph and His Technicolour workshops during the school holidays.

Rob, who works part-time as a vocal coach and administrator at St Michael’s Church, said: “Being a charity means we can create something that will be self-sustaining. We have six trustees and there is a great sense of community.

“We hope to apply for funding so we can bring in professionals.

“We give kids and adults who can’t afford to go to theatre schools the chance to excel. With a little bit of love and care, we help them to live their dream.”

Rob is now inviting anyone aged 16 and over to audition for a week long production of the musical, Our House, at The Brindley in May 2015. Proceeds will fund more children’s workshops.

The auditions will be held on Sunday, June 1 and 8 at St Michael's Church. People will invited to specific timed slots. The group has a licence from Josef Weinberger who controls the rights to the musica.

Anyone wishing to audition or find out details about the theatre group can e-mail victoriamusicltd@gmail.com.