A CANCER survivor has been invited to quiz MPs in the House of Commons today.

Paul Baxter, aged 50, was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2002 and underwent chemotherapy after it spread to his chest.

Despite a remission five years later, he has now made a full recovery, works full-time, fundraises and volunteers as a voice for cancer sufferers.

To mark a year before the 2015 General Election, he will be taking part in Macmillan Cancer Support’s Parliamentary question time involving MPs from all parties on Wednesday, May 7.

It gives people affected by cancer an opportunity to ask politicians key questions.

Paul, from Castlefields, married to Tracey, said: “I want to make it easier for people with cancer to claim benefits. You’ve got other things to worry about when you’re facing long term illness.

“I was lucky I had someone in hospital to help me but many people claiming for the first time don’t know where to start.”

After nine years out of work, Paul was given the all clear.

By chance, he returned to his old job as manager of Thomsons travel agent at Runcorn Shopping Centre.

He is now urging men to seek medical advice straightaway if they suspect any symptoms.

He said: “It was so long before I was diagnosed, the cancer had spread. I had to start chemotherapy the next day.

“Us men are not very good about going to the doctors. We hope it goes away.

“It has changed my outlook . I don’t let anything bother me and I live life to the full.”