A RUNCORN teenager who died at Hillsborough dreamed of becoming a footballer, an inquest heard today.

Kevin Tyrrell, aged 15, was on Tranmere Rover’s books when the tragedy happened and was hoping to be signed for their training scheme.

His parents, Frank and Marje, said he was thrilled when they bought him a season ticket for his 15th birthday. He started going to Anfield when he was 13 and his dad said they never worried about his safety.

Mr Tyrrell said: “Kevin was a football mad teenager and could always be found on the field at the back of the house playing football.”

He played for Brookvale junior and senior school teams and joined Greenbridge when he was 14.

He taught his younger brother, Gary to play and he went on to be a semi-professional footballer.

Hillsborough was Kevin’s first away game.

Mr Tyrrell said: “I had no fear about him going to the game although Marje, Kevin’s mother, was very nervous about it.

“Kevin kept telling her he would be OK and that he wasn’t a baby.

“We never expected our son to go to a football match and never come home, but, sadly that is what happened.

“In the early hours of April 16, after identifying Kevin, as I went to touch my son, I was told that I couldn’t because he now belonged to the coroner.

“He didn’t. He belonged to me and my wife and he was Gary and Donna’s brother.

“To his aunties and uncles and cousins and friends he was ‘Tizza’.

Mr Tyrrell's statement was read at the inquest in Warrington today by Kevin's uncle, Gerard Tyrrell. His aunts, uncles, cousins and friends also came to the hearing to support his parents.