AFRICAN children brought music, joy and laughter to a Runcorn church.

The Watoto Children’s Choir staged two vibrant concerts to celebrate their transformed lives.

Danielle Finch, associate children’s pastor at Hope Corner Community Church in Clifton Road, said: “Millions of children in Uganda have been abandoned or orphaned. A ministry places them into homes with mothers, many of whom were abducted in war.

“The children visit different countries to raise awareness and encourage sponsorship.”

More than £300 was raised after the choir performed for Weston Point Primary School and the community. The youngsters aged six to 13 stayed with families during their visit.

Danielle, aged 23, from the old town, who taught in Uganda, said: “It was absolutely incredible.

“Runcorn pupils have never seen anything like this. The African children had them up on the stage showing them how to do the dances.”