A SUPERMARKET cake shop manager is making her debut on TV.

Debbie Kenwright, aged 45, from Widnes, has become the star of a new Morrisons sponsorship campaign screened during breaks on Saturday’s Britain’s Got Talent.

Viewers can watch Debbie demonstrate her talent, creaming muffins against the clock.

Peter Dickson, the ‘voiceover man’ for the show provides a running commentary as she completes the challenge.

Debbie, from Cronton, said: “I love my job creating cakes and making something lovely from all the different ingredients.

“It was really nice to be able to try something different and it was so much fun filming the adverts. My family and friends are really happy for me and keep joking that stardom awaits.

“It was great to be chosen to star in a sponsorship campaign which shows off the great work that goes on in our store”