A TEENAGE girl plunged into a big crater after tripping over unmarked roadworks in Runcorn.

Ellena Dowd, aged 18, fell into a deep hole and just as she feared she was going to be run over, a woman in a red car came to her rescue.

She is now trying to trace the ‘good samaritan’ for saving her life.

Ellena, of Wharfedale, said: “I went flying into this big hole. I must have knocked myself out. I woke up dizzy. All I can remember is a black van coming. I thought I was going to die.”

Trainee hairdresser Ellena was on her way to a client when the accident happened in Palacefields Avenue, near the Parkside bus stop at around 4.45pm on Tuesday, April 8.

She suffered a broken right ankle, scraped skin off her face, shoulder and hands and had to have nine stitches in her left knee.

Her mum, Suzanna, aged 43, was with her but is recovering from lung surgery and didn’t have the strength to lift her up.

Suzanna said: “I was in shock myself. I couldn’t pick her up. I’m just so grateful to this lady.

“She kindly stopped and brought her home. It shows there are kind, considerate people out there.

“She had a litte dog on the back seat but we didn’t manage to get her name.”

Ellena has almost completed her training course at Ormiston Bolinbroke Academy.

She said: “If it wasn’t for that lady I dread to think what could have happened. It was lovely of her to help me.

“I’d love to send her some flowers.”

If you are the 'good samaritan' or know who she is, please e-mail newsroom@worldgroup.co.uk.