A MAN who assaulted two police officers and threatened to petrol bomb sheltered accommodation for vulnerable adults in Widnes has been fined £300.

Halton Magistrates Court heard on Thursday how Dean Crossland, aged 21, of Belvedere, Cooper Street, Runcorn, said he would ‘smash windows’ and hurl a petrol bomb into the residential accommodation.

Crossland, who has significant learning disabilities, made the threats to a social worker at Advance Child Care, Peel House Lane, on March 23.

After being told to leave the site after being found in another resident’s room, he made a phone call to the male employee, saying ‘I know where you sleep’.

The defendant, who also lives in sheltered housing, said: “I’ve smashed the Belvedere up before.

“I’ll do it to you as well.

“I’ll smash all the windows on the unit.

“I have done it before.

“I know where you sleep.

“I’ll throw a petrol bomb through your window.”

Neil Audley, prosecuting, said witnesses feared the threats would be carried out.

The incident followed two assaults of police officers on January 27.

They had gone to arrest Crossland at his mum’s house in Runcorn, after a window was smashed.

He reacted angrily, swearing, and kicking out at one officer.

Crossland also stuck his fingernails into the hand of the other.

The defendant, supported by a social worker at court, pleaded guilty to two counts of assault, and one count of threat to destroy property.

The court heard he is autistic and has ADHD.

Magistrates called the assault ‘nasty’, and fined Crossland £100 for each.

He was also fined £100 for making the threats.