A 23-YEAR-OLD man racially abused a bouncer and spat at him after being refused entry to a Runcorn bar, a court heard.

Lee Jackson Dylan Fisher, of Old Coach Road, Runcorn, pleaded guilty to assault and racially aggravated harassment at Halton Magistrates Court on Thursday.

It heard how Fisher reacted angrily after being told he could not go into Chambers Bar on March 23 as it was after 2am, and any entry after this time would breach licence conditions.

Alison Warburton, prosecuting, said the defendant, who was with his partner, became abusive towards doorman Damian Lewis and called him a racial slur.

Fisher, who was drunk, was restrained by Mr Lewis and spat on his arm, the court heard.

He also lashed out with hands and feet but did not manage to injure the bouncer.

Mrs Warburton said during the police interview Fisher said the doormen at Chambers had been making 'unpleasant' remarks about him and his partner.

He said he did not estimate the impact of using the 'n word', or realise it was illegal, and that blows were landed in an attempt to free himself.

Fisher, who has good GCSE and A-level qualifications, admitted anyone who heard the racial abuse would find it offensive.

The court heard Fisher has suffered long term abuse related to his sexuality, and the defendant passed a letter to District Judge Bridget Knight to explain that history.

Sentencing him, Mrs Knight said: “You've experienced some pretty nasty things yourself in your life.

“On this occasion you unfortunately fell to that level.

“I can see from your letter this isn't how you normally act, or how you live your life.”

Fishers was fined for both offences and told to pay costs.

The total penalty was £505.