HALTON children are warned to stay away from railway tracks over the Easter break.

Historically, the school holidays have often seen an upturn in incidents of children trespassing and causing trouble on the railway.

Chief Inspector Malcolm McKinnon said: “For some reason children seem to be drawn to the railway and, when they are there, seem oblivious to the potential dangers.

“Sadly, time after time, we receive reports of youngsters trespassing on the railway, whether to take a shortcut or just out of curiosity.

“Whatever the reason, the potential for serious harm remains, both from the electric current which runs through the rails and overhead lines and the trains themselves.

“In Merseyside we have seen the tragic consequences with a number of incidents in which young people have lost their lives.”

The Easter school holidays have arrived and with them come lighter nights and long days for children  which seem to draw youngsters to the railway.

British Transport Police is warning all children to be aware of the dangers posed by the railway.

CI McKinnon added: “We have done a lot of work in schools educating youngsters about the danger posed by the railway and want all parents to lend a hand.

“We work hard to keep children away from the railway, but we need help in making sure the message reaches the right people.

“In the meantime officers will be out and about across the network, working to tackle crime and to keep youngsters away from the tracks.”