A TINY pygmy goat born severely weak and underweight is now skipping for joy thanks to round the clock care by her owners who will be taking her to this year’s Cheshire Show.

Ffiona was extremely tiny and weak when she was born three weeks ago, as she had sadly been starved of important nutrients during pregnancy and it looked like she wouldn’t survive.

Her dedicated owners, Wendy and Robert Kinsey, spent countless hours hand feeding her through a syringe and kept her warm with towels and even a hairdryer.

They supervised Ffiona for a week as she regularly suckled from her mum Ffion. Unfortunately on the 7th day Ffion would no longer stand still so it decided Ffiona had to be bottle fed.

They are now teaching her how to feed herself.

Wendy and Robert have been breeding pygmy goats for the last nine years to improve bloodline of the breed after falling in love with their first pet goats, Dylan and Megan.

They will be showing off Ffiona at this year’s Cheshire Show on June 17 and 18 in Tabley near Knutsford.

For more information, visit cheshirecountyshow.org.uk.