HALTON residents are warned to be vigilant after an elderly woman was approached by two men in a supermarket.

They offered to clean her windows for £15.

She gave them her home address so that they could call the following day. Fortunately, the lady mentioned this to friends and family who reported it to the police.

A spokesman for Halton Trading Standards said: “If you are approached by anybody in the street you should think very carefully before giving them any information.

“Take great care with people who offer to carry out work or sell you goods at the door. You may struggle to find them again if there are problems with the goods they sell or the work they do and you could end up paying more than you thought you had agreed to. Remember, you are in control.”

If you are approached or see anything suspicious at a neighbour’s home, call Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 08454 040506.

Alternatively, report it to the police on 101.