MEN in Halton are encouraged to check themselves for symptoms of cancer during male cancer awareness week which starts on Monday.

Cancer of the testicles is relatively uncommon, however, it is the most common cancer to affect men aged between 15 and 44. Each year in the UK around 2,090 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer.

By carrying out simple, regular checks men will be giving themselves the best chance of identifying a problem early.

The early symptoms of testicular cancer include a painless lump or swelling of the testicles, a dull ache of the scrotum and a feeling of heaviness in the scrotum.

John Hussey, medical director from NHS England, Merseyside, said: “Men should regularly check for any symptoms of testicular cancer and if they have any worries or concerns they should see a health professional.

“Cancer is easier to treat when diagnosed early. If you regularly examine your testicles, you are more likely to notice any swelling or abnormalities at an early stage of development.

“The best time to check your testicles is when you come out of the shower. The lump or swelling can be about the size of a pea, but may be larger. Most testicular lumps or swellings are not a sign of cancer. But they should never be ignored”

If these symptoms are detected, -men will be giving themselves the best chance of getting early treatment and making a full recovery.

Other forms of cancer found in men are prostate cancer, gallbladder cancer and breast cancer.

Men are advised to call NHS 111 or visit their GP if they suspect symptoms.