A 20mph speed restriction has been introduced on a Runcorn housing estate after extensive consultation with residents.

Welcome signs designed by children now greet motorists in Castlefields, informing them of the new slower speed limit.

As part of the traffic order, the existing Halton Village 20mph area was also extended to include The Calvers, The Clough and The Croft.

Halton Clr John Stockton, board member for transportation, said: “This is about sending a clear message. Castlefields is a residential neighbourhood and drivers' speeds should reflect this.

“There are four primary schools on Castlefields, lots of families live here and walking and cycling is popular. A 20mph neighbourhood contributes to creating a safer and nicer place to live and walk around.

“We consulted local residents and the majority support the introduction of reduced speed limits. We also spoke to Cheshire Police and local housing associations and 20mph speed limits are also encouraged by national policy and supported by public health bodies.”

These reductions don’t just mean increased road safety and less traffic noise for residents, but bring health and wellbeing benefits as people are more likely to walk or cycle.

Halton Castle ward Clr Ellen Cargill, said: “The original Castlefields estate was designed to separate pedestrians and cars but residents told us that these paths were not attractive and they didn’t feel safe to walk along.

“ As part of the regeneration of the neighbourhood, we have put in new footpaths alongside roads. We’ve also improved all the street lighting. This has created a much better environment for pedestrians and cyclists and the 20mph neighbourhood complements this.”

Children created new signs from a collage of artwork depicting Phoenix Park, the lake, the new local shops and homes.