A PREMATURE baby boy born with his organs ‘inside out’ has made a remarkable recovery.

Tiny Joshua O’Callaghan from Widnes arrived five weeks early with his bowel on the outside of his body.

He had reconstructive surgery when he was only two days old to repair the defect, known as Gastroschisis, which affects around one in 2,000 births.

Joshua, who weighed 5lbs 7oz, had to undergo emergency surgery a month later.

His parents, Lynsey O’Callaghan, aged 26, and John Rankin, aged 30, were warned of possible complications after a 12-week scan detected an abnormality.

Lynsey, of Mayfield Avenue, Hough Green, said: “They didn’t know what was wrong until he was born. His bowel was trapped in the cord.

“He then had emergency surgery because his bowel twisted and a final op four weeks later. It was scary.”

Joshua’s two-year-old brother, Jackson, was thrilled to hold him when he was six-weeks-old.

He came home from hospital after three months and was christened last week.

Lynsey added: “He is such a happy, smily baby. The surgeons are really pleased. They said he should be fine now.

“Staff at Alder Hey have been brilliant.

“He is still very small and is on special formula milk.

“Looking at him now though it’s as if nothing’s happened.”

Joshua’s nan, Lorraine O’Callaghan, aged 56, of Hanley Road, said: “He’s a little fighter.

“I am so proud of Lynsey for the way she has coped with it all. I think she deserves a medal.”