SPECIAL events are being held to mark the 50th anniversary of Runcorn New Town.

Runcorn was designated a New Town by the Government on April 10, 1964, to provide housing and employment for people from Liverpool and north Merseyside.

Architect and town planner, Arthur Ling developed a masterplan of housing estates and industrial areas.

Initially, some 30,000 people migrated.

Today, around 45,000 residents live on various estates including Halton Brook, The Brow, Castlefields, Palacefields, Brookvale, Murdishaw and Halton Lodge.

Halton Council has organised an exhibition and special events for residents to share their memories.

An exhibition will be at Halton Lea Library from April 14-26, Runcorn Shopping Centre from April 28 to May 2.

A documentary filmed in 1974 will be screened on April 17 at Castlefields Community Centre, April 24 at Murdishaw Community Centre, May 1 at Halton Lea Library.

It will be shown at Halton Direct Link buildings from April 14 to May 2.