PIZZA and chips is the secret to completing a marathon, says Weaver Vale MP Graham Evans.

He is training for the London Marathon on Sunday, April 13.

It is the third time he has pounded through the streets of the capital.

Mr Evans said: “It is a really punishing run. You have to eat lots of carbs which means lots of chips and pizzas.”

He is raising funds for three charities, Halton Haven Hospice, St Luke’s Hospice and the Soldiers Charity (formerly known as the Army Benevolent Fund).

Last year, he completed the 26-mile run in four hours 49 minutes, three minutes slower than in 2012 and raised more than £1,200.

This is the first time he has tackled a marathon since he turned 50.

He said: “It’s all about planning and preparation. After parliament finishes, I run late at night for seven to 10 miles.

“At home, I run early in the morning for around four miles and I do long runs on Sundays.

“You have to get yourself as fit as possible so your body knows you are not going to react negatively on the day.

“Last time I was in work the next day.”

The atmosphere is electric, he said, as more than 36,000 elite and amateur runners line up with celebrities for the big race.

Mr Evans added: “The feeling is incredible. It is very special. I’ve never been cheered for more than four and half hours.

“People are offering you jelly babies all the way round.”

Anyone wishing to sponsor Mr Evans can visit