HALTON Borough Council will no longer use Warrington as a dump for its rubbish.

The news was revealed in a letter to Warrington South MP David Mowat, who had written to the six councils in the region who still dump their waste in Arpley tip.

Clr Polhill confirmed the council had signed a new waste contract which would see no more Halton rubbish brought in to the tip.

Warrington Borough Council has not sent rubbish to the tip since last year, leaving only outside authorities still using the site which is subject of a planning appeal by its owners who want to increase its operating life for a further 12 years.

The move has been opposed by residents and backed up by politicians in the town who want to see the site closed.

Mr Mowat said: “This is an extremely significant development. The key argument over Arpley has been over where Merseyside and Halton would dump their waste if the site closed.

"This week’s announcement shows that there is now even less demand for Arpley than when councillors threw out the first application.

“I congratulate Halton Borough Council for following Warrington’s lead and reducing their reliance on landfill.

"I hope that the site can now be finally closed so that the families who live nearby can get on with their lives once again.”