A WIDNES mum is ecstatic after an appeal on the World Facebook found her precious rings.

Jennifer Cogley took off her rings in a family changing room at Kingsway Leisure Centre in Widnes after taking her three-year-old daughter, Olivia for a swimming lesson.

Jennifer, aged 30, of Birchfield Road, said: “We rushed out of the changing room as we had to be at a family meal. When I realised a short while afterwards that I had forgotten to pick them up, I called Kingsway. No one had handed them in to the police or leisure centre.”

A day after the World appeal, her husband, Craig, aged 37, received an anonymous telephone call.

He said: “A girl told me her friend had handed the rings into The Money Shop in Warrington. She didn’t want to get her friend into trouble but contacted us because she felt bad knowing how sentimental the rings were to us.

“I never in a million years thought we’d see them again. When I told my wife, she burst into tears.”

Jennifer added: “I want the thank The World so much for the appeal.

“I’m over the moon that my rings have been found and just can’t wait to get them back on my fingers.

“The rings are of massive sentimental value. Craig and I have been together for 11 years and married seven years.

“We shared your Facebook appeal with our friends who did the same and it’s thanks to this that this girl has seen it on Facebook and realised. The power of social media!”