MARCH is ovarian cancer awareness month and health professionals are keen to urge Halton women to seek medical help if they suspect any signs.

Early symptoms include persistent bloating, ongoing pain in the pelvis and lower stomach and a prolonged period of difficulty eating.

Dr John Hussey, medical director from NHS England, Merseyside, said:“Spotting the symptoms of ovarian cancer and getting help early can be vital in getting the right treatment quickly.

“Women should check for any symptoms of ovarian cancer and if they have any worries or concerns they should either call NHS 111 or see a health professional. Ovarian cancer is most common in women who have already been through the menopause but it can affect women of any age.”

He said if these symptoms are detected early, patients will give themselves the best chance of getting early treatment and making a full recovery.

NHS England has recently launched ‘The earlier the better’ public awareness campaign, which is designed to encourage people to seek medical advice if they have any worries or concerns about cancer.

Early diagnosis of cancer can give the best possible chance of survival.