RESIDENTS are being urged to watch out for bogus letters, e-mails or telephone calls asking for your bank details.

Halton Trading Standards is warning that many local people may receive letters relating to the mis-selling of credit or debit card and identity protection policies.

Letters sent out directly from the card protection plan (CPP) redress scheme will include a form to complete, sign and return if you want to be considered for compensation.

However, this is on the basis that any card or identity protection policy was mis-sold to you from 2005 to date. You must complete and return the form by August 30, 2014. If you don't return the form by this date you will lose your right to claim compensation.

A spokesman for Halton Trading Standards said: “Unfortunately, as with many other things, this could provide scammers with a perfect window of opportunity to send out bogus letters, e-mails or make phone calls asking for private or bank details. Keep vigilant at all times.

“Please note you will only be informed by letter and no fee will be requested by the CPP, your bank or card issuer."

Visit for a guide about how it works.

For more details about the rederess sceme, visit If you haven’t received a letter from CPP, but think you’re eligible for compensation you can contact the scheme team on 08000 83 43 93.

Should you receive a letter or telephone call asking for payment please report to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or online at