LOVE is in the air today as sweethearts celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Supermarkets across Halton still have plenty of romantic gifts on their shelves.

A survey by Asda reveals that northerners are the most likely region to make a romantic gesture.

Over a third of couples in Scotland consider the occasion to be pointless and Londoners are most likely to toast the day with champagne.

Asda is expecting to sell 500,000 flower bouquets, made up of 5 million individual flower stems, 90,000 chocolate roses, 40,000chocolate heart lollipops, 24,000 chocolate love tokens, 70,000 romantic mugs, 8,000 packs of fabric rose petals, 24,000 fabric rose flowers, 10,000 toast stamps which will declare “I love you” at breakfast, 6,000 heart shaped champagne flutes, 7,000,000 individual tealights, 12,000 men’s tuxedo onesies.

Hayley Bolton, Asda’s Valentine’s Day expert said: “Whilst attitudes towards Valentine’s Day vary wildly across the nation, we’re expecting to see shoppers get behind the most loved-up day of the year to make a romantic gesture, however large or small.”

Tesco, Morrisons, Aldi, the Co-operative, Aldi, Lidl, Widnes Market and shops across Runcorn and Widnes are all expecting to sell lots of flowers and romantic gifts today.