AN employee at Tesco stole a HDMI cable worth £23 as he was concerned how his girlfriend’s son would react after she accidentally damaged his Xbox, a court heard.

Anthony Keenan, aged 47, of Market Street, Widnes, was working as a cleaner for an agency at Tesco on Ashley Retail Park at the time.

Halton Magistrates’ Court heard how Keenan stole the cable last Wednesday. Appearing at court the next day he pleaded guilty to theft charges.

Gary Heaven, defending, said: “A degree of trust has been breached. In other respects, it is a sad case. I remain puzzled as to why he didn’t pay for the cable, but his need for it was pressing. His partner had been mooching around at home and moved a table. The cable to an Xbox was damaged.”

The court heard the defendant had money on him at the time of the theft, but chose not to pay for the cable.

Catherine Whincup, prosecuting, said Keenan entered the store before his shift started to steal it. However, colleagues found discarded packaging and confronted him.

CCTV footage also showed he was responsible.

Magistrates sentenced him to a 12-month conditional discharge.