INCENSED Widnes residents have blasted irresponsible dog owners.

People living in Hough Green and Farnworth say they are fed up complaining about the amount of dog dirt left on streets and play areas.

One dad-of-three from Upton, who does not wish to be named for fear of retributon, said: “I took 49 pictures of dog dirt this morning as I took my children to school.

“It is absolutely disgusting. It’s all over the pavements and the playing fields. We keep getting it on our shoes.

“I am worried about the health risk to my children.

“I won’t give my name because I have been threatened when I have approached dog owners to ask them to clean up after their pets.”

Lynne Prior from Farnworth said: “I have been disgused by the amount of dog dirt around the Farnworth area when out with my new daughter’s pram.

“I’m sure it is even more problematic for families with toddlers. Please clean up after your dogs so everyone can enjoy the local area.”

Halton Council is stepping up its campaign on dog fouling in public open spaces and warns owners they could face prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000.

They say dog owners should always carry a poop scoop or a bag to take their dog’s mess home or dispose of it in a suitable waste bin.

A Halton Council spokesman said: “The council is in discussions with a private company regarding the enforcement of dog fouling and littering to assist existing demands for this service.

“The officers that cover Widnes are aware of this location but to date have been unable to identify irresponsible dog owners.

“Members of the public are encouraged to report but very few report details, which makes the task more difficult to identify.

“We hope that increased visibility of additional officers will help apprehend more irresponsible dog owners.”