SANDYMOOR School was ranked ‘good’ in its first Ofsted inspection with leadership and management hailed ‘outstanding’.

The achievement of the 104 year seven, eight and nine pupils, quality of teaching and behaviour and safety was classified ‘good’.

Inspector Janet Palmer said: “Students have a very good attitude to learning. Behaviour is very impressive.

“Students fully engage with learning, are enthusiastic, work extremely well together and demonstrate pride in their work.

“The curriculum is particularly strong. Teachers hone their skills by observing and discussing best practice in each other’s lessons.

“Students’ outstanding, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is enhanced by the very many opportunities the school provides for them to engage in charitable, artistic, sporting and other activities.

“The school is governmed by a highly competent, committed and engaged group of people who have been with the school since its outset in 2012.”

The school was founded by five Runcorn parents.

Head teacher Andy Green-Howard said: “We are absolutely delighted by this report. It is a real testimony to all the hard work that everyone has put in to be the best we can be.

“As it is impossible for a secondary school to get outstanding without public examination results, this is an amazing result.”