A WIDNES couple is embarking on exciting new careers after going back to college.

James Davies, aged 36, and his wife, Karen, aged 38, are transforming their lives after completing access to higher education courses at Riverside College.

Former construction worker, James hopes to become a primary school teacher and Karen plans to work as a children’s nurse.

Mum-of-two Karen, of Twyford Close, said: “James and I discussed whether it would have been better to have stayed in education when we were young and gone to university then, but we both came to the same conclusion that we weren’t ready at the time.

“I now feel that my children are old enough for me to be able to return to full time study.”

James studied primary teaching at Liverpool Hope University and has been awarded a prestigious Dean’s Scholarship by the university.

His academic success has inspired Karen to fulfil her lifetime ambition.

She has been working as a qualified nursery nurse for 20 years and has now started an access to nursing course at Riverside College.

She hopes to study children’s nursing at university next year.

Karen added: “We both feel excited to be starting something new, especially that we wanted to do this for a long time."

The couple have two children aged 10 and six.