PLANS to allow construction vehicles to drive through a Runcorn housing estate have infuriated local families.

Sandymoor residents have formed an action group to protest over two planning applications to build up to 500 new homes.

Documents supporting the bid predict more than 28,000 construction traffic wagons could use Pitts Heath Lane and Walsingham Drive during the next 14 years.

Teacher Chris Pantazides, aged 56, of Walsingham Drive, said: “We have no objections whatsoever to new houses being built.

“But we have always been told that construction traffic would use a new road that has been built across the canal as an access route. I feel they want to put money before people.

“We moved here because it is quiet and safe for kiddies.”

Dad-of-two Steve Kirkbride, aged 43, said: “My daughter cycles with friends. Safety is a key element.

“We’ve heard that builders are being asked to pay to use the canal bridge.”

Residents have collected 250 signatures for a petition.

A public meeting is being held at 7pm on February 6 at Sandymoor School to raise awareness.

Weaver Vale MP Graham Evans and Halton Clr John Bradshaw have met residents and pledged to support their campaign.

Original plans showed construction traffic could use a new access road from Windmill Avenue East, crossing a canal bridge owned by Peel Holdings.

Louise Morrissey, director of land & planning at Peel, said: “The Sandymoor development designs have previously included a route over the new Norton Bridge over the Bridgewater Canal from Windmill Hill Avenue. No discussions about creating a toll or leving any charge for using the bridge have ever taken place.”

The planning applications will be dealt with by Halton councillors on Monday, March 3.