A GIANT pothole is causing motorists to swerve to avoid damaging their cars and infuriating one Runcorn resident.

Retired master mariner Ivor Thomas says the unfilled hole is 3ft six inches long and 16 inches wide and is getting bigger every day.

He has watched heavy lorries thunder over it, knocking up chippings and tarmac.

Dad-of-five Mr Thomas, aged 88, of Penn Lane, said: “I have been complaining about this hole outside my house for a year.

“It started small but is getting bigger all the time.

“I gave the council the measurements. It could be causing damage to a lot of cars.

“Heavy wagons go up and down here all the time. You can feel the vibrations in the house. I saw one lorry hit it and send debris into the air. It could have damaged my window.”

Mr Thomas, who used to pilot ships along the River Mersey and the River Weaver, contacted Halton Council three times last year complaining about the pothole.

When contractors turned up and closed his road for repairs, he thought the problem was going to be resolved.

Mr Thomas added: “I thought they had come to fix this hole but they only worked at the top of the road.

“I can’t understand why they didn’t repair this hole at the same time. It would have been more economical.”

Days after The World passed on Mr Thomas’ complaint, the council confirmed the hole is about to be repaired.

A Halton Council spokesman said: “Lafarge Tarmac and Halton Borough Council apologise for the delay in addressing this matter but it is hoped that the pothole will be attended to by the end of this week.”