HALTON’S biggest landord has been awarded a housing quality network accreditation.

The construction services team at Halton Housing Trust has been recognised for understanding their customers, delivering excellent services and looking for ways to improve.

A HQN accreditation mark is a visible sign that an organisation not only meets or exceeds good practice standards, but is also offers a best-in-class service to its customer and residents.

The trust applied for the accreditation which involved a rigorous scrutiny process. It is valid for a period of three years and each year the trust will have an annual assessment to ensure that standards are maintained. To date there are currently only 18 other housing organisations in the country that hold the HQN mark.

Gill Stead, director of accreditation services at HQN said: “Only those landlords who can demonstrate they deliver high quality services are eligible to receive this award. Halton were an extremely strong candidate and showed us that they are dedicated to their customers, focussed on value for money and committed to improvement. ”

Karen Baildon, associate director for construction services at the trust said: “We are delighted to receive this recognition and want to thank HQN for taking the time to assess us and make further suggestions for improvements. We have made a number of improvements to the service over the last 18 months and hope our customers agree. We will continue to implement further improvements and work to retain the mark.”

As a HQN Accreditation holder the trust will benefit from ongoing guidance from HQN as well as recognition as a maintenance service provider that operates efficiently, effectively, economically and delivers excellent service to customers.