A POLICE helicopter chased a teenage schoolboy racing erratically through Widnes on Thursday on an off-road Yamaha bike.

Two pedestrians had to jump out of the way as the motorcyclist sped along streets and mounted pavements.

The alarm was raised at playing fields in Stewards Avenue shortly after 2.30pm. Police officers spotted him in Blundell Road at 3.20pm.

Police officers in the air were able to direct cops on the ground to track him at a safe distance.

The 15-year-old boy from Widnes was eventually caught in a field in Montgomery Road at 3.35pm. The bike was seized near Parbold Court. The rider has been arrested for dangerous driving and failing to stop.

Sgt Neil Edgar said: “He was riding erratically. Two people had to jump out of the way when he mounted the kerb.

“We called the helicopter because it was too dangerous for us to go anywhere near him with police cars. We have to be careful in pursuits.

“This is a good result for us as no-one has been hurt and we’ve got a dangerous youth off the road.”

CCTV footage from the helicopter has captured the teenager haring along Leigh Avenue towards Cunningham Road and Chesnut Lodge.

Sgt Edgar added: “We have had an increasing number of incidents of off road bikes in Widnes with people driving like idiots.

“They are a danger to the public and they could harm themselves as well.”