RENOWNED broadcaster, academic and feminist Germaine Greer is coming to Runcorn’s Brindley next month.

She is just one of the high profile names celebrating the theatre’s 10th birthday.

The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant is the latest in a series of ‘audience with’ shows, following Michael Portillo, Ann Widdecombe and the late Mo Mowlam.

Forty years ago, Germaine saiD it seemed that women were about to take their rightful place in the world, in parliament, the church, the judiciary and workplace, but when you open your newspaper now you find that news is still made by men in suits.

She argues that as soon as girls accept the size, role and shape of adult women, they begin to disappear.

Greer stated in her famous book, The Female Eunuch, that women do not realise how much men hate them, and how much they are taught to hate themselves.

Her show promises to be thought-provoking and will include a question and answer session.

It starts at 3pm on Sunday, February 16. Tickets priced £14, £12 are available from the box office on 0151 907 8360 or online at