THREE young Widnes Vikings supporters were treated to a day to remember as part of the Vikings' Dream Maker initiative.

Amber Lawrenson, aged two, and her brothers, Lewis, aged five, ,and Joshua, aged seven, lost their mum, Nicola, to cancer in September 2013 and have been through a difficult time as they try to come to terms with their loss.

As soon as Widnes Vikings found out about their sad news, their community team sprang into action and invited the youngsters to the club for a unique day.

Liam Clark, community officer at the club, arranged for the three Widnes children to have a full tour of the stadium, a game of rugby League on the i-pitch, and a trip to the executive lounges.

Highlight of the day was dinner with the full Widnes Vikings squad.

Amber, a pupil at Willowdene Nursery, joined her brothers Lewis and Joshua, pupils at St Basil’s Primary School, and rubbed shoulders with the Super League stars.

The Stadium chef rustled up a special meal which was the envy of the players.

Mick Cassidy, Vikings Assistant head coach, Hep Cahill, Adam Lawton, Cameron Phelps, Willie Isa, Steve Pickersgill and Danny Galea joined the youngsters at the table for a chat over dinner.

The children were presented with a host of Vikings goodies, including signed posters and calendars and had their picture taken with their favourite players.

Michelle Simpson, the children's aunt who was also part of the VIP tour, said: "I'd like to thank Widnes Vikings for making their day so special. They have had a sad time recently with their mummy dying of cancer. They miss her greatly but doing special things like this makes them happy."

Vikings launched their Dream Maker initiative last season. It is supported and funded by the club's Dream Ticket lottery.

It has already made a huge difference to a number of people within Cheshire through a series of events and visits to deserving individuals.