CONFIDENTIAL information about your personal health will soon be shared by the NHS to help plan and improve future care.

Every Halton resident will receive a leaflet ‘Better Information Means Better Care’ explaining how the NHS intends to uses patient information.

Health experts believe that sharing information helps ensure that the quality and safety of services is consistent across the country.

It can also highlight different diseases and conditions that may require more NHS investment.

Millions of patients are treated every week. Modern data techniques allow analysts to examine the characteristics of all those patients, their treatments, and experiences to improve the quality of care.

However, patients have the right to object to their data being used for purposes other than their own personal care.

If patients wish to restrict their data being used then they should talk to their GP.

NHS Halton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the organisation responsible for planning and buying health services for the people of Halton, is backing the initiative.

Simon Banks, chief officer of NHS Halton CCG, said: “Being able to access patient data which has been missing up until now is crucial for improving future patient care.

“Halton residents will benefit greatly in years to come with better patient experience and health outcomes as we work to improve the quality and safety of services and treatments.”

An information line has been set up for patients to call if they have any questions or concerns about how their data are used. The number is 0300 456 3531.