VANDALS have smashed lights in a subway underneath the Runcorn Widnes bridge.

The link is used by West Bank residents to reach a bus stop.

Jimmy Rolt from Mersey Road said: “It is absolutely appalling. I use this every morning and it is in a terrible state. There is rubbish, broken bottles and now it’s been left really dark. I don’t think women would feel safe walking through it.”

West Bank Clr Pam Wallace said: “A number of residents have raised some concerns regarding this problem, and that of groups congregating in the tunnel.

“I have reported this to the cleansing and highways departments, they are looking to replace the lights.

“The subway will be cleaned every two weeks. The mural will be looked at to see if it is best to repair and remove the graffiti or repaint the wall.”

Children and artists had created a colourful mural with historic images to brighten up the passageway.