OFFENDERS could soon be caught red-handed.

New body warn cameras are being trialled by Cheshire Police to make streets safer.

Cheshire Police & Crime Commissioner John Dwyer said: "I think piloting worn body cameras in Cheshire is an excellent idea.

"I think these cameras will prove themselves invaluable when it comes to prosecuting offenders who try every trick in the book to get off.

“It’s hard to argue against an image or video footage of you being caught in the act.

“Using this kind of technology will ultimately help the Constabulary make Cheshire a safer place to live."

A pilot will be run in Warrington over the next couple of months, particularly as officers tackle night-time crime.

The cameras cost £299 and 24 will be used in the trial.

Where possible, people will be told that the cameras are recording.

The new body warn camer