HALTON babies made history arriving on New Year’s Day.

Molly Mills was born at 10.19pm at Whiston Hospital, weighing 6lbs.

Her proud mum, Nikki, aged 29, who lives in Widnes town centre, said: “She is brilliant, doing really well.

“She enjoys having a little snooze.”

Nikki works in security and her husband, Simon, aged 30, is an engineer who works on supermarket tills and shop machinery.

They have a two-year-old daughter, Lucy.

Nikki added: “We knew we were going to have another girl. It’s nice as they will keep each other company.”

Charlie David Hughes from Runcorn was born at 6.30pm in Whiston Hospital, weighing 9lbs 9ozs.

His mum, Jaimie and dad, Colin are delighted with their new arrival.

Archie Dowling was born at 3pm in Warrington Hospital, weighing 8lbs 9ozs.

His mum, Lemara, aged 27, from Grangeway, Runcorn, said: “He’s great, doing really well.”

His dad, Liam Kiernan, aged 27, was thrilled to see his son.

Lemara’s son, Charlie, aged nine, and three-year-old daughter, Macey were excited to meet their baby brother.