A LOBSTER, lemon, delicate drinking glass and a silver mounted buffalo drinking horn have inspired children to create fascinating work.

A still life painting by Willem Kalf from 1653 challenged 46,500 youngsters across Britain to discover, imagine and explore.

Judges were so impressed by the imaginative response from pupils at St Mary’s CE Primary School in Castlefields, Runcorn, their work has been selected to be exhibited at the ‘Take One Picture’ National Gallery display in London.

Year six teacher Sharleen Landon said: ““It was a very unusual still life picture so they had to work hard to get something out of it.

“You wouldn’t believe the things the children came up with. The whole school was involved.

“Infants homed in on the lobster and wrote about the seaside.

“Older children researched what homes would have been like in Amsterdam in those days.

“It triggered literacy, art work, drama and poetry.

“We are very proud of our pupils. It is a great achievement and lovely to have their work recognised.”