A RUNCORN air stewardess is on cloud nine today after becoming a millionaire.

Mum Kelly Caldwell, aged 29, hit the jackpot in the EuroMillionaire raffle draw on Good Friday.

It was a double celebration as she won £700 on the bingo just hours before her lucky numbers were chosen.

Kelly said: “I cannot believe it. It still doesn’t seem real. Things like this don’t happy to ordinary working-class people like me.”

Kelly, who has a two year old daughter, Hollie, has worked for Easyjet for the last seven years.

Today she is planning her own dream get-away to celebrate her 30th birthday.

Kelly, who lives with her mum and fiance, 40-year-old Jason Massey, bought 10 lines of numbers and it was one of the raffle numbers on her tickets which netted her the £1m prize.

Former Wade Deacon pupil, Kelly added: “I normally buy five lines but as I had a win on the bingo I was feeling lucky and decided I would treat myself to 10 lines.

“Every time I play EuroMillions I normally get something back but it is generally about £20 at the most. I checked my numbers and actually said to my mum – oh this is rubbish I only have three numbers. I then checked the raffle numbers and I couldn’t believe it. I shouted, “I am a millionaire! I really am a millionaire!”

“I quickly switched on the television to check and double check and then check again.

“I then phoned Jason and I was just screaming down the phone: “I am a millionaire. He told me not to be so stupid and he just didn’t believe me. He only believed me when he arrived home later on Saturday afternoon and I showed him the ticket, with the raffle number on, in front of the television.”

In addition to a holiday to Egypt to celebrate her 30th, Kelly is also paying for Jason, Hollie, her mum and four friends to go too.

Kelly said is now looking forward to buying her first house.

She said: “I never dreamed I would be able to afford my own home. I thought we would always be living with my mum. I just couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. Now, it is like I have a whole new life."

The couple plan to get married but haven't yet set a date.

Kelly, a big Everton fan, said she always gets her National Lottery tickets from Asda but, this time, she bought her ticket from the Co-op in Granville Street in Runcorn Old Town.

Kelly, who is also planning on buying a new car and treating her grandparents to a dream holiday through the Rocky Mountains in Canada, added: “I will definitely be buying my tickets from the Co-op in future. It certainly was my lucky day last Friday.”

Kelly and Jason, an assistant project manager at B&Q, say they will both be continuing to work.

The EuroMillions jackpot for this Friday is an estimated £21million, and another UK player is guaranteed to win a £1m in EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle.