AN intrepid charity fundraiser who has trekked along the Great Wall of China, through the Grand Canyon and crossed the Sahara Desert is tackling another daunting challenge.

Helen Crowther, aged 41, from Runcorn, is training to cope with extreme cold, basic living condition, and altitude sickness, as she climbs 5,545 metres to Everest base camp in the Himalayas.

She has helped 133 volunteers to raise £130,000 for local terminally ill, disabled and disadvantaged children to enjoy a once in a lifetime holiday at The Children’s Adventure Farm, where she works as a fundraiser and press officer.

Helen, of Clarence Street, said: “Taking yourself out of your comfort zone, and going somewhere so alien and foreign is a life changing experience.

“Putting yourself through such difficult challenges makes you realise you can do anything.

“It’s a huge boost to your confidence and gives you a thirst for more.”

So far, 23 trekkers have signed up for the adventure, from October 4-21, which includes a 13 day trek.

There are two places left and volunteers are set to raise almost £40,000 for the charity.

They will follow in the footsteps of famous explorers as local guides and sherpas lead the way.

Helen added: “You meet some amazing people and make friends for life.

“We are helping to give children a holiday they wouldn’t otherwise enjoy.

“They gain confidence, make new friends and achieve things they thought they never could.

“It’s a lovely sense of freedom for them as they make great holiday memories.”

Each participant must raise a minimum of £2,995.

For further information about the trek, call 01565 830053 or visit

 Helen Crowther prepares to scale Everest