A RUNCORN mum who claimed she was the victim of racial attacks has been jailed for four years after admitting she deliberately torched her garden shed, trapping her family inside their home.

Somrun Khan, aged 47, of Vahler Terrace, admitted two charges of recklessly endangering life and was sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court yesterday, Tuesday.

She lived with her two daughters and had accused her neighbours of racially motivated attacks.

Officers investigated each attack but could find no culprits. Khan alleged her car had been damaged and a wheelie bin and shed set on fire.

At around 10.25pm on Saturday, September 29 last year, Khan torched her shed and went back into her house.

The smoke began to intensify as flames engulfed the shed.

Emergency services discovered Khan’s back door was locked and it took some time for her to open the door.

Officers tried to evacuate Khan and her two daughters through the back door, but they were trapped as smoke blocked their escape.

The front door was also locked as there were numerous items piled up in front of it.

Sgt Mark Naylor said: “Fortunately no-one was injured but the consequences could have been far worse.

“Khan's actions were nothing short of reckless and could have proved fatal due to the close proximity of the shed to the house.

“This was a lengthy investigation. Officers were committed to identifying the person responsible for the arson incidents and ensuring that they were brought to justice.

“We welcome the sentence handed down to Khan and we hope that the time behind bars will allow her to reflect upon her actions.”

Runcorn Fire Station manager Sean Henshaw added: “We are pleased with the sentence handed to Khan as her actions were both reckless and extremely dangerous.

“She put the lives of her family, police officers and firefighters at considerable risk.”