RESIDENTS are being warned not to buy beds from sellers who call at their door.

Warrington & Halton Trading Standards has received a report from a resident in the Widnes area about a doorstep caller.

A man driving a white Ford Transit-type van knocked at the home of a local resident claiming he had just finished a building project nearby and had a bed for sale.

Householders are advised never to buy from unknown sources as you may not get exactly what you expect.

As with the recent doorstep sale of 'memory foam' mattresses, the goods may be stolen or counterfeit and possibly dangerous as they may not have gone through the appropriate safety methods of testing.

Also should you develop a problem after purchase it may be very difficult to try and claim a refund for the price you have paid.

If you have been approached, saw anything suspicious or can provide any further details, such as a description of the individual, please contact Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 08454 040506. Alternatively call Cheshire Police on 101.