RESIDENTS are being warned to watch out for rogue traders.

It follows reports of people offering to carry out gutter cleaning and roof repairs at homes across Halton.

Trading Standards is advising people not do business with anyone who knocks on their door offering to carry out work as they may end up paying more than you thought they had agreed to.

A spokesman for Trading Standards said: “Professional looking leaflets are not always a good indication of the quality of the workmanship.

“Traders who call uninvited are nearly always untraceable after work, typically of appalling quality, has been done and payment made.

“These people can be very persuasive and will target the most vulnerable members of the community who can easily be frightened into believing immediate work is necessary when in fact there may be no work required at all.

“Cowboy traders will exploit any incidents of recent bad weather to sell roofing and guttering work and other property repairs.”

Trading Standards advises consumers to obtain a few quotes before instructing a trader to carry out work .