CHESHIRE Crime and Police Commissioner launched his roadshow in Runcorn.

John Dwyer said he was delighted to meet residents at Halton Lea shopping centre.

He was asking people for their views on his draft police and crime plan as he has to find £7 million of budget cuts this year.

He plans an increase of two per cent in council tax police precept, axing 38 police officers, 35 police staff and cutting overtime by £230,000.

Mr Dwyer said: “I was really pleased to find that 77 per cent of people who completed surveys in Runcorn supported my plans to increase council tax by 2 per cent to minimise the losses to policing caused by reduced police funding from the Government.

“The people of Runcorn were complimentary about the policing service they receive but some wanted to see the police station open for longer hours.

“People also wanted to see more done about drug and alcohol related crime, which is something I feel strongly about.”

Surveys were completed by 53 people at Halton Lea.