A YOUNG couple fell so much in love with their wedding venue that it inspired the name of their newborn baby boy.

Steph and Chris O’Donnell, from Runcorn, married at Arley Hall, on August 13, 2009, and thought the name would be perfect if they ever had a son.

Little Arley was born on November 17, and paid his first visit to the house and gardens with his mum, dad and two-year-old sister Autumn, on Friday.

Steph, aged 29, of Abbotts Close, said: “I’m a teacher so we found it quite hard to name our children because I know so many and we wanted something different.

“A lot of people pick obscure spellings but we’ve gone for normal spellings but unusual names.

“We’ve looked the name Arley up on the internet and it hasn’t been used in the UK since the 1920s when there was a couple of people.”

The family met Lord Ashbrook, owner of Arley Hall, during their visit and he agreed that it was a very rare choice.

“I’ve got a cousin called Arley in western Australia,” he said.

“But I’ve never heard of anyone else called Arley.”

The O’Donnells married at The Heath Methodist Church, in Runcorn, before enjoying a reception at Arley Hall.

Chris, aged 39, said: “It was fantastic and we had the weather.

“As our car came across the field towards the hall all the clouds parted and it was perfect, like Brideshead Revisted.

“It was a really perfect experience and we couldn’t fault it.”