IT’S a two horse race in the quest to become Cheshire’s first police and crime commissioner.

Halton Councillor John Stockton standing for Labour and Conservative John Dwyer are vying for the job after the other three candidates were knocked out.

No one achieved a majority.

A secondary vote is needed when no candidate gains more than 50 per cent of the vote. 

Counters at the Northgate Arena in Chester now have to count the second preference votes of everyone who chose Liberal Democrat Ainsley Arnold, Independent Sarah Flannery and UKIP’s Louise Bours in the first round.

Their votes will be added to the Labour and Conservative candidates.

Halton Council chief executive David Parr, police area returning officer will declare the result as soon as the papers have all been counted.

The turnout for Halton was the lowest in Cheshire at 9.6 per cent.