THE historic election for Cheshire’s first police and crime commissioner takes place today.

For the first time, the public is invited to vote for one person to take over from the 17 members of Cheshire Police Authority, and act as a watchdog.

The commissioner will earn a salary of £75,000 and oversee the police to ensure they deal with issues which matter to the public.

Halton Council chief executive David Parr is the police area returning officer for Cheshire.

It is his job to coordinate the election across the area.

David Parr said: “Using your vote in these, and any other election, is really important. By using your vote, you are making sure that your opinion is heard.

“Some people are quick to complain when they disagree with things that happen in their local community, but if you don’t vote, you’ll never change anything.”

There are five candidates looking for your votes in Cheshire.

They include Ainsley Arnold (Lib Dem), John Dwyer (Con), John Stockton (Lab), Louise Bours (UKIP), and Sarah Flannery (Ind).

The polls will be open from 7am to 10pm.

Your polling station’s location will be on the poll card that has been delivered to your home, if you have registered to vote.

Alternatively, contact your local elections office on 0151 511 7802, or visit to find out where it is.

Votes will be counted on Friday, November 16.

The results will be available on our website