Like a robust local newspaper, good local food and produce lie at the heart of a strong local community, writes Michel Roux.

Vibrant local restaurants, pubs, cafes and producers act as catalysts for the local economy, bringing money into the area and creating jobs and other opportunities for residents.

But the value of a vibrant local food scene goes beyond economics. Good food often brings people together simply for the pleasure of sharing a good meal together.

And that allows strong community links and friendships to be forged and maintained.

By publicising and championing local business, local papers play a vital role in keeping local communities strong, economically and socially.

They run news stories, features, campaigns and events which highlight the achievements of local businesses and organisations, and that is why I am supporting Local Newspaper Week this year.

As well as supporting local business, local papers also play a key role in highlighting charitable causes such as Visually Impaired Children Taking Action which I am involved with. By doing this, local papers encourage people to get involved and give up their time to make a real difference.