Classic South Pinot Gris 2011, £10.49,

More and more people are buying their wine online and this retailer is a good example of why.

On offer are the products of a lot of winemakers who simply can't produce enough bottles to get themselves contracts with enormous supermarkets or national chains. You have to buy six bottles but there's no commitment to join a club unless you want to pay less.

This Pinot Gris from Nelson in New Zealand has plenty of pear and citrus with a hint of ginger but is more subtle than many Sauvignon Blancs.

Arabella Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, £8.49,

Robertson in South Africa's Western Cape is home to this rich blackcurrant Cabernet Sauvignon from the estate of the De Wet family whose ancestor was appointed as the keeper of the wine cellars of the Dutch East India Company in 1697.

The De Wet's other passion was Arabian horses which give their name to a 14%, screw-topped red that is very competitively priced compared with what's on offer on our high streets.