RESISTANCE is useless.

It’s impossible to watch the video for Little King and not have a grin like the proverbial Cheshire cat by the time the song finishes.

The film is colourful, lively and, most of all, everyone on screen looks like they’re having a whale of a tiime. You actualy want to climb inside your computer and join in the fun.

Little King is the latest number from Taylor and the Mason, a guitar duo featuring Sale’s Rebecca Taylor and Sally Mason, who comes from Chorlton.

Both 27 and both drama graduates - Salford University - and Rebecca says they first started singing as a hobby.

She says Little King is going down well with live audiences.

“It’s the most fun tune that we play really and it gets everyone dancing. It does cheer everyone up at gigs whenever we play that song at gigs and at the end we get a really nice response to it,” says Rebecca.

They’re a big hit with what she describes as “the folk crowd” and Rebecca says musically they also have a strong family appeal.

I first interviewed Rebecca when she was starting out as a stand up comedian - what made her move into music?

“With the stand up because you’re by yourself that was a lot more stressful and playing the music is a bit miore relaxed. We can bounce off each other,” she says. Rick Bowen * Taylor and the Mason play the Steamhouse pub in Sale on July 26 at 9.30pm. Admission is free and the Little King video is on youtube