THE latest edition to the world’s largest rodent species has been born at Chester Zoo.

Born to six-year-old capybara Lily, who has become a hit visitors since she was featured on TV series The Secret Life of the Zoo, gave birth to her new pup in front of astonished onlookers.

The tiny youngster who has not been sexed was soon up on its feet and taking its first swim.

Capybaras are often referred to as giant guinea pigs and can grow to up to 1.5m.

Typically found living in small herds on grasslands, in tropical forests and on wetlands across South America, their scientific name means ‘water pig’ and their bodies have been specially adapted for swimming - with webbed feet and their eyes, ears and nostrils located on top of their heads.

Even though the capybara aren't listed as endangered they are threatened by illegal poaching for their meat and skin which can be turned into leather. 

Keepers at the zoo hope that Lily’s new arrival will help to bring some attention to the species which is often overlooked.